Associate Professor


Graduate School of Education / Department of Basic Islamic Sciences


Short Biography

She was born in Istanbul in 1981. She graduated from Uludağ University Faculty of Theology in 2003. He completed his master's degree with a thesis titled "Methods of Orientalists in determining the origin of Hadiths" in 2005, and his doctorate with a thesis titled "The theory and critique of common narrator in the context of legally themed marfu' Hadiths" at the same university in 2011. To enhance his foreign language skills and prepare for his doctoral thesis, he spent time in Egypt (2007) and the Netherlands (2008). She continues her research on the analysis and critique of methods developed by Orientalists for dating hadiths, common narrator-centered isnad-text analysis, organic connection between narration historical analysis and rijal literature, and the systematization of hadith narration. Currently, she holds the position of Associate Professor at Yalova University Faculty of Islamic Sciences.