SCHOOL OF LANGUAGES / Department of Foreign Languages


Short Biography

He works as a teacher in the Arabic Department of the School of Languages at Ibn Haldun University. He studied Theology and Arabic at the Al-Fath Islamic Institute in Damascus and graduated in 2003. Then he studied Arabic Language and Literature at the University of Damascus and graduated in 2009. He continues his research and studies to complete his master's degree at Sabahattin Zaim University.

He previously worked as an Arabic teacher and assistant general coordinator of the Department of Arabic Language and Rhetoric at Istanbul University between 2013-2015. In addition to that, between 2012-2015, he worked at the ISAR Foundation. He also worked as a supervisor and consultant in the Arabic teaching program held at the “Teach Me Academy” in Sweden between 2016-2020.

He has done various researches and studies on the Arabic language. He also took part in the preparation and development of many books and the curricula of students whose mother tongue is not Arabic.