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Short Biography

Assistant Professor Dr Muhammet Celal Kul, PhD, teaches international law at Bolu Abant Izzet Baysal University, where he is the head of the department of international law. Dr Kul is also a freelance writer for the news site Karadeniz Havadis, who is the author of the books titled “Status of Forces Agreements in International Law”; “Exploring the Anatomy of the Syrian Armed Conflicts” and “The International Criminal Court and the International Crime of Aggression”. Dr Kul's many scientific papers and proceedings are available in national and international scientific journals, published in peer reviewed journals of law. With a wide range of interests such as international treaty law, humanitarian law, international criminal law, public law, Dr Kul is a versatile, open-minded person who develops ideas on both law and social issues. Speaking English and French, Dr Kul has taught at various universities, including Ibn Haldun University, since 2019. Dr Kul's educational history is as follows: LLB Istanbul University; LLM Galatasaray University; LLM The University of Nottingham; PhD Marmara University.