SCHOOL OF HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES / Department of Political Science and International Relations


Short Biography

Talha Köse is the chair and an Associate Professor of Political Science at Ibn Haldun University. Köse has a BA degree from Political Science and International Relations Department of Boğaziçi University (2000) and MA degree from Conflict Analysis and Resolution Program of Sabancı University (2002). Dr. Köse completed his doctoral studies at the School of Conflict Analysis and Resolution (SCAR)-George Mason University in January 2010. His doctoral research focuses on the transformation of Alevi identity within the post-1980 milieu of Turkey. Before joining Ibn Haldun University Köse worked as an Assistant Professor and Chair of Political Science and International Relations department at Istanbul Şehir University. Köse worked as a visiting professor at George Mason University and University Maastricht (Netherlands). Dr. Köse's research focuses on ethnic, sectarian and religions conflicts and political violence in the Middle East and Conflict Resolution approaches in foreign policy. Köse is an expert in peace processes, Alevi identity and non-coercive approaches in Turkish Foreign Policy. Köse edited and published 3 books in Turkish and published more than 20 academic articles and book chapters both in English and Turkish. His academic articles appeared in journals like Foreign Policy Analysis, Party Politics, Negotiation and Conflict Management Research, International Journal of Intercultural Relations, Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power, Middle Eastern Studies, Turkish Studies, Insight Turkey, Perceptions, International Relations. Köse worked as a foreign policy and security analyst at the SETA Foundation, which is the leading think tank in Turkey. Köse also worked as the research director of the Washington DC branch of the SETA Foundation. Köse's TV comments on foreign policy and regional security and op-eds appear frequently in Turkish and International media.