SCHOOL OF LAW / Law Department


Short Biography

Ahmet Ulvi Türkbağ was a Professor at Galatasaray University Faculty of Law. Currently, Professor Türkbağ is Head of the Department of Philosophy and Sociology of Law at Medipol University Faculty of Law, and a member of the Philosophical Society of Turkey. 

Ahmet Ulvi Türkbağ, who has translated and copyrighted books, and articles on philosophy, philosophy, and sociology of law and political philosophy, has worked on the ethical and philosophical foundations of human rights, the problems of justice and injustice in society, orientalism, and the philosophical and sociological roots of cultures and civilizations. Türkbag aims to contribute to creating the theoretical infrastructure of universal peace and justice, and continues his academic life with his lectures at various universities in İstanbul, especially in Medipol University, and his presentations about the foundational legal concepts on social media.

Professor Türkbag has been teaching part-time at Ibn Haldun University since 2018.