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Short Biography

Cem Kıvırcık, who speaks of being a member of the last generation that climbed the "Babıali" slope on every occasion, is a journalist who is "both schooled and regimented", as the old saying goes. He started his career professionally in 1983 in Hey magazine, which is a publication of Milliyet, since the first year of Marmara University, Faculty of Communication, from which he graduated.

Later, after working at Daily Güneş, Fotospor, Gelişim Publications, Sabah Magazine Group and Karacan Publications, he returned home to Milliyet Group, where he published Turkey's first internet magazine and continued his business life mainly with technology publishing.

Cem Kıvırcık, who is currently the director of Photoline magazine, Turkey's most widely read photography publication, uses the name @cemkivircik in all his social media accounts.

He defines himself as a photography enthusiast and prefers to use the universal language of photography for the stories he wants to tell. Drawing attention to the importance of emotional weight beyond formal structure, Cem Kıvırcık teaches at Ibn Haldun University within the framework of the relationship between photography, communication and art.

In many of his presentations, he said, "I'm like a Japanese tourist, I'm a quickie who shoots what he sees a camera in my hand..." Although he has a large set of Sony mirrorless products, he has been using the RICOH GRIII camera a little more intensively lately. Cem Kıvırcık, who has experienced many products related to photography as a publisher and shares his personal impressions on Photoline and IFSAK Blog, also follows the development of mobile photography and has a wide collection of analog cameras, lenses and accessories.

He is a member of the Information Technologhy Media Association, Magazine Journalists Association, IFSAK and FOTON, and his personal motto in street photography is as follows: "Street photography; it is to capture the extraordinary in the ordinary life."