SCHOOL OF LANGUAGES / Department of Foreign Languages


Short Biography

He works at the Arabic Department of the School of Languages at Ibn Haldun University. He completed his high school education in Aleppo. He graduated from the Faculty of Theology in Damascus in 2001. He completed his master's degree in Comparative Fiqh at Omm Darman Islamic University in 2009. He then completed his Ph.D in the same field at Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakıf University in Istanbul 2018.

He worked as a principal at an Islamic school in Yaroslavl, Russia, and later taught Arabic for non-native Arabic speakers at various institutions such as Marmara University, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakıf University, and Istanbul Şehir University. He is still working as an Arabic teacher at Ibn Haldun University. His mother tongue is Arabic and he is fluent in Turkish, English and Russian.