Graduate School of Education / Department of Basic Islamic Sciences


Short Biography

He graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Theology in 2003. He completed his master's degree at Marmara University in the Department of Kalam with a thesis titled "Evaluation of Verses Associated with Reincarnation" in 2005. In 2012, he successfully defended his doctoral thesis titled "Evaluation of Kalam Atomism in the Context of Contemporary Cosmology" and obtained the title of Doctor. His first postdoctoral research was conducted at McGill University Institute of Islamic Studies with a study titled "Criticisms of Atomism In Classical Islamic Thought." He became an associate professor in 2017.

His second postdoctoral research, conducted at Syracuse University, focused on "The Kalam Cosmological Arguments and Kant’s Antinomies of Reason: A Critical Assessment" in 2019. In 2024, he became a professor. Currently, he serves as a faculty member in the Department of Kalam at Marmara University.