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Short Biography

Dr. Merve is a dynamic academician and seasoned professional with a multifaceted background in industrial engineering and business analytics. Currently serving as an assistant professor at Ibn Haldun University, she previously held lecturing positions at Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University, and she brings expertise garnered through a diverse academic and professional journey.
Having earned a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from Yıldız Technical University, Dr. Merve has demonstrated a commitment to scholarly pursuits, further enriched by an M.Sc. II in Financial Engineering from WorldQuant University. Research engagements at the University of Miami and the University of Salford have contributed to the advancement of knowledge in demand forecasting, inventory management, and applied statistics.
Beyond academia, Dr. Merve has integrated theoretical knowledge with practical insights during her tenure as Project Manager and Business Analyst at Turkish Airlines Technology and in R&D Project Coordination at Turkish Technic.
Currently serving as the Program Coordinator for the Department of Big Data and Business Analytics at Ibn Haldun University, Dr. Merve plays a pivotal role in shaping academic programs and fostering innovation in this evolving field. She is a dynamic contributor to the academic and professional spheres, exemplifying the intersection of theoretical knowledge and practical application.This abstract encapsulates Dr. Merve’s multidimensional contributions, illustrating her commitment to advancing knowledge and solving complex problems in the realms of both academia and industry.