Short Biography

Dr. Muhittin Kaplan: Expertise in Applied Economics

Dr. Muhittin Kaplan is currently a professor of economics at Ibn Haldun University, having over 20 years of experience in teaching and research economics. He earned his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom (1998-2003), where his doctoral dissertation, titled "An Econometric Analysis of Economic Reform in Turkey: Industrial Policy and Changing Structure," explored the complex interplay of policy and economic transformation under the esteemed supervision of Prof. Dr. Kevin Lee. Prior to doctoral studies, Dr. Kaplan obtained his Master's degree from the University of Leicester (1996-1997), and undergraduate degree in Economics from Marmara University, Türkiye. 

Research Expertise and Interests: Dr. Kaplan's scholarly pursuits are firmly rooted in the field of applied economics. He possesses extensive expertise in utilizing econometric methodologies to analyze the impact of economic policies on various facets of economic activity, including financial emarket performance, efficiency and productivity measurement, competition dynamics, and profit persistence. Notably, his research delves into the analysis of disaggregated data, the application of neural networks for demand and price forecasting, and the intricate role of sectoral interactions in shaping industry-level productivity, prices, and output determination.

Teaching Expertise and Interests: Dr. Kaplan effectively translates his profound research insights into practical knowledge, as evidenced by his extensive teaching experience spanning over 20 years. He has instructed courses in advanced microeconometrics, advanced macroeconometrics, financial analysis and financial management, international finance, macroeconomics at all levels and introductory levels, and introduction to econometrics.

Publications and Contributions: Dr. Kaplan has made significant contributions to the field through his publications in diverse areas of economics. He has authored books (in Turkish) on diverse topics such as utility theory, trade diplomacy, rationality, economic expectations, and the application of neural networks in forecasting. Additionally, his research findings have been disseminated through peer-reviewed articles published in various academic journals, with a particular focus on areas like competition and efficiency assessment in the banking and insurance sectors, performance and volatility analysis in financial markets, and energy economics.

Overall, Dr. Muhittin Kaplan's academic profile exudes a commitment to rigorous research, insightful analysis, and impactful contributions to the field of applied economics. He is fluent in Turkish and English.