SCHOOL OF HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES / Department of Comparative Literature


Short Biography

Rahmi Oruç is a lecturer in the Comparative Literature department at Istanbul's Ibn Haldun University. He recently defended his Ph.D. thesis where he introduces Munāẓara, - a seven centuries old dialogical argumentation theory and debate practice,-  as a contemporary argumentation theory that may complement and even serve as an alternative to existing theories. With a team of researchers, he founded the ArguMunazara Research Center, and he was the co-PI of ADAB project, which aims to develop an alternative competitive debating model drawing from the Munāẓara tradition. His work appeared in journals such as Informal Logic, Ethical Theory and Moral PracticeAfkar, and Narrative Inquiry. He has presented his work to international conferences and has been a visiting fellow in many countries around the globe. His interests include comparative literature, balagha, literary theory, digital humanities, and narratology. His overall research orientation is the reassessment of madrasa disciplines for contemporary scholarship. For more information, please see his profiles on Academia and ResearchGate.