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Short Biography

Professor Aksoy is a professor of accounting and finance at the department. He has a wide experience of research and teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the fields of financial accounting, managerial accounting, financial analysis, auditing, risk based internal audit, internal control systems, finance, accounting&audit ethics, ISAs, IFRS, corporate governance, sustainability, , Basel II-III, and international banking.

He authored/co-authored numerous articles in various peer-reviewed journals and he has many citations including Scopus/WoS as well.

(As of 23.05.2024, GOOGLE SCHOLAR International Scientific Citation Index is as follows:)

Number of citations: 1622
h-index      :  20
i10-index.  : 42

He has various editorial roles in different international journals. He authored 7 books.  He is also the author of a well-known and the most extensive auditing and internal control book in Turkey. During PhD education he worked for Citicorp Investment bank in financial control and audit department in Zurich for a short time. Prof. Aksoy has 2 international editorial books published in English by Springer, one of the internationally renowned publishing houses, in 2021.  

In addition to his academic career Professor Aksoy has also a long and extensive work experience (33 years). He served as an Assistant Supervisor, internal auditor, senior supervisor/ internal auditor (for 10 years) and as the Chief Audit Executive (CAE) of Group’s internal audit function (for 23 years) for OYAK which is the second largest leading conglomerate groups with 140 subsidaries in different sectors in Turkey and all over the world. Furtermore, he worked for OYAK Maritime and Port Management Inc as Advisor to CEO.

Besides, He also acted as a member of board of directors/auditors of various commercial Group companies operating in different sectors such as Adana Cement Inc, Bolu Cement Inc, Goodyear Tyres Inc, OYAK BANK, OMSAN Logistics Inc, OYSA İskenderun Cement Inc., and Oyak Bank

Besides, he undertook an active and leading role for some Turkish reform projects voluntarily in order to improve auditing profession, to gain international auditing standards into Turkish, to build up Turkish National Auditing Standards, to improve internal systems (the systems of internal audit, internal control, risk management & accounting), to evaluate and give expert opinion to many essencial legal regulations and legal drafts (such as Turkish commercial code, banking act, EC acquis communautaire on auditing and accounting etc.

Moreover, Prof. Aksoy has some international licenses and certificates of CFE, CRMA, Independent Auditor, CPA.

Furthermore, He also undertook many duties in voluntary-basis for some local/international professional foundations such as committee member, head of committees, member of boards of directors, member of advisory boards etc.

YDS/YÖKDİL English Score: 92,5/100 Fall 2018

He is married and has two children.