Associate Professor


SCHOOL OF ISLAMIC STUDIES / Department of Basic Islamic Sciences


Short Biography

In 2005, Tuba Erkoç Baydar graduated as the top student from Tatvan/Bitlis Imam Hatip High School, and in 2009, she graduated with second place honors from the Faculty of Theology at Uludağ University. Completing her master's thesis on "The Views of Ebu Ishaq al-Shirazi on Command and Prohibition" in 2011, she obtained her master's degree from the Faculty of Theology at Istanbul University and was appointed as a research assistant at Medeniyet University in the same year. Tuba Erkoç Baydar, who began her doctoral program in Islamic Law at Marmara University in 2011, continued her research assistantship in the same department until 2017 through assignment. In 2017, she earned her doctorate with the thesis "Euthanasia from a Jurisprudential Perspective and the Withholding of Treatment." Tuba Erkoç Baydar's general areas of interest include the methodology of Islamic jurisprudence, family law, contemporary issues, medical ethics, and bioethics.Coming from a scholarly family tradition, Tuba Erkoç Baydar initially received her classical madrasa education from her family and later continued her education in Bursa and Istanbul. She successfully completed her classical madrasa education at ISM and the researcher training program at ISAM in Istanbul. For educational purposes, she spent a year conducting research and attending classes at Georgetown University's Kennedy Institute of Ethics in the United States with the support of TUBITAK in 2014. 
Currently working as an Associate Professor at Ibn Haldun University, Tuba Erkoç Baydar was honored as the young researcher of the year in the field of Islamic Law by IYCF (Islamic Youth Forum for Cooperation), an affiliate of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), in 2022. Married and a mother of one child, Tuba Erkoç Baydar is proficient in English and Arabic. She has various works to her name, including "Whose Life Is This: Approaching Euthanasia and the Termination of Treatment from an Islamic Perspective" and "Epidemic Diseases and Religion. She is conducting the BAP (Scientific Research Projects) project titled "Granting Marriage Authorization to Muftis" and the TÜBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) project titled "Fundamental Principles of Islamic Bioethics."